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Dirty Millionaire is urban street wear that captures the essence of the hustlers, fighters, gangsters, thugs, strippers, white collar embezzlers, drug dealers and dirty cops out there. It’s about the game and those that don’t play by the rules and go beyond just the struggle to survive. Those who stay grinding, stay training, stay on point, keep hitting corners; those who risk it all, risking death and taking penitentiary chances, not just to put food on the table, but to touch the dream to finally be free, free travel, free to experience life, free to provide that genuine quality of life the ones who are important to us.

Dirty Millionaire is raw, explicit and true to life. It commemorates the real real dirty millionaires of the past and present, the ones who made it and touched the dream, and the ones who fell casualties of the game. People like Pablo Escobar, Al Capone, Mike Tyson, Simon Vodovos, Frank Lucas and many more. All of them criminals, and you may idolize them or pass judgment on them as dangerous public enemies. Dirty Millionaire is not concerned with the morality of those worthy of being called dirty millionaires, only their boldness, their willingness to succeed at all cost and lack of fear in the face of serious consequence. The dirty millionaire life is one of high stakes, great rewards and dire consequences. The message is clear; if you’re scared, this game isn’t for you, so hustle hard or stay home broke!